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Sports Coat, Blazer, Suit Coat: What’s the Difference?

If you are getting ready for a large event such as a wedding, a dance, or a business meeting, you know the importance of dressing up and looking good. However, you cannot just pull any outfit of your closet — particularly when it comes to your formal wear jacket. Sports coats, blazers, and suits are all popular options when it comes to formal wear and many Los Angeles residents may not realize that there are several distinctions between each one.

Sports Coat

A sports coat is more casual than the other two jacket options. It still dresses up your outfit, but it may not be your first choice for your wedding day. One of the main differences between a sports coat and other jackets options is its fit. A sports coat is designed to be loose. This allows you to pull it over your shirt or sweater when stepping outside of the office or hurrying to a business luncheon. However, you want to be careful with this type of jacket as it should not be paired with formal pants.


A blazer is a little fancier than a sports coat, yet not as formal as a suit. These jackets are similar to a sports coat because they also have a loose fit. They won’t fit tightly around your body and you can wear sweater vests or a few layers underneath and still be comfortable. You can find blazers in a variety of colors but they are common in darker colors such as blues, blacks, and browns. These pieces of clothing may also have fancy buttons and trim.

Suit Coat

This piece of clothing is the most formal of the three. It should be worn on fancy and formal occasions. These pieces of clothing have several differences. One is the fit of the jacket. These coats are tight fitting. They help make the wearer appear slimmer. They are also made in a variety of fabrics ranging from linen to wool. The type of fabric the jacket is made out of will determine its breathability, heat retention, and even how well it holds up after numerous wears. Furthermore, the lapels on these jackets are very distinguished, particularly when compared to blazers or sports coats and the coat comes with matching pants. Care for these items will need to be closely monitored to ensure these pieces of clothing hold up and they should be dry cleaned.

For many men, having a few jacket options is ideal and can help you be ready regardless of any event. If you need help finding the right jacket for you, talk to an expert at a men’s formal wear store for assistance.


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What is a Cassock and How to Buy One

When shopping for men’s formal wear in Los Angeles, choosing designer suits, sports jackets, and tuxedos is a challenge, but there are numerous options available. You can easily find attire that matches your style, personality, and even the weather. However, when purchasing a cassock, you may not know where to start.

What is a Cassock?

A cassock is a piece of clothing that is worn by Christian clergy. These are large pieces of clothing, similar to a long robe, that cover the wearer’s entire body. These pieces of clothing vary but most reach up to the neck and cover the body all the way down to the feet. In catholic churches, these items have been used to help identify ordained clerics. They also have extensive symbolism for members of the church.

The color of a cassock is typically black, especially for a parish priest. Depending on your certain position, it will determine if you can include any additional color to your cassock such as colored buttons or trim.

How to Buy a Cassock

If you are in the position where you need a cassock, many men’s formal wear stores carry these items and can help you throughout your purchase. However, before you choose just any cassock in a specific color, there are a few things to consider.

The price is one of the first things to look at when purchasing a clergy robe. You already have an idea of the look, but you need to find an item that fits within your budget. These items are relatively inexpensive ranging from $100 to several hundred dollars. Basic black cassocks with no trim are the least inexpensive items.

Additionally, you may want to consider the type of fabric you want your cassock made with. You want a cassock that is breathable and is not too hot. These clothing items are dark and long, and the wrong fabrics can easily retain heat. Furthermore, you want a fabric that is easy to maintain, durable, and simple to wash. You may not have the time or the money to take your clothing to a dry cleaners each week. Find a product that is machine washable. Also, consider material that doesn’t wrinkle easily, that can be worn all day and still look just as nice by the time you are finished with the day’s events.

Even though there may not be as many style options for cassocks like there are for designer suits in Los Angeles, there are still many options available. Additionally, if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, many men’s formal attire stores take custom orders so you are happy and comfortable with your purchase.


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Tricks to Find a Sports Coat That Fits

Choosing a sports coat is not as simple as grabbing an item off the rack and walking out of the store. The right sports coat has the color you desire, as well as the proper fabrics. Additionally, it breathes well, preventing you from overheating and becoming a sweaty mess. But most importantly, the coat fits well. Whether you wish to purchase your own sports coat or you are looking for suit rentals in Los Angeles, the jacket must fit well or it can quickly make you look sloppy and careless. Here are a few tricks to help you find a sports coat that fits and fits well.

Watch the Shoulders

While many people worry about the coat fitting well around the midsection, the shoulders should be one area that you must pay particular attention to. If the jacket feels too tight in the shoulders, you won’t wear it often as you will have a difficult time moving your arms. If the jacket is too loose, it will appear big and baggy. Ideally, you want a sports coat to hit at the very tip of your shoulder. Pay attention to the jacket’s seam and find a coat where the seam lines up with the tip of your shoulder.

Be Mindful of the Length

Your sports coat should not touch your knees. Many individuals may think that the longer the coat, the better, but that’s not true when it comes to your sports coat. A great way to determine if your sports coat fits right is to pay attention to the buttons. Most jackets have two buttons. These buttons should always be above your belly button. If the buttons fall lower, you may want to keep looking.

You Don’t Want Long Sleeves

A jacket that fits well will show a small portion of the shirt sleeve beneath the coat. The amount of shirt sleeves shown should be very small — no more than .75 inches. If the sport coat’s sleeves do not show any of the shirt sleeve, the jacket may be too long. If you are purchasing the jacket, you can have the sleeves and shoulder area tailored. However, the sleeves may be a bit more of a challenge if renting the item.

The most important thing when finding a sports coat that fits you well is going to a men’s formal wear store and receiving sizing assistance. An expert can you help you find a jacket with the right color and material you desire, as well as the right fit and style to match your body type. They can ensure you look your best each time you wear your new sports coat.


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What Should My Teen Wear to the Homecoming Dance?

Regardless of where you live, the Homecoming Dance is a much anticipated event, particularly for a teenager. Not only must the girl find the perfect dress, but the boy must find men’s formal wear that makes them feel comfortable and handsome as well. There are many options in Los Angeles from suits to tuxedos that teens can wear. While, a suit is an excellent and common option, not just any suit will work. Your teen needs a trendy, stylish, well-fitting outfit. Here are a few things you need to look for:


Suits come in a variety of colors. No longer must your child wear a black or a dark blue suit to the Homecoming Dance. Darker colors work well in the winter months and feature a more formal style. They have a very classic look to them and for more timid, but fashion-forward young men, these are excellent options.

If your teen has a more expressive personality, a different color option may be ideal. Men’s formal wear comes in a variety of colors. A few popular color options include bold reds and blues, greys, whites, and khakis. You can also choose outfits with very definitive patterns such as florals, stripes, or plaids.


At the dance, your teen will constantly be on the move. You want to choose an outfit that he is comfortable in, yet still fits him well. Talk to an expert at the men’s formal wear store to receive proper sizing information and to help you choose the right fit and style for your teen’s body type. Additionally, have your teen determine whether he would like a three-piece suit or just a jacket and pants. A three-piece outfit provides plenty of style, yet can become hot and uncomfortable after dancing for several hours. A jacket is much more versatile and can easily be taken off. However, it may not be as sharp as a three-piece option. It all depends on your teen’s specific fashion needs.


The type of material the outfit is made out of should also be heavily considered. You want a fabric that can hold up to the activities of the night, yet will still look sharp by the time the night is over. Wool options are popular but can become very warm. Cotton is another great look, along with linen, but these options can become wrinkled quickly. Consider a wool/cotton blend that allows for plenty of breathability, yet won’t be too warm after a night full of dancing.

There are many factors to consider when shopping for suits in Los Angeles. The important thing to remember is to find an outfit your teen feels good wearing and that matches his personality.


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Factors to Consider When Choosing What to Wear for Your Summer Wedding

As you prepare for your upcoming prenuptials, there are many small details to take care of including what you will wear. Summer ceremonies are extremely common, but for men, this means you must pay close attention to what you wear. The wrong outfit can cause you to be too hot, uncomfortable, and sweaty. The photographs of the big event will be disappointing as you won’t be looking or feeling your best. When looking through countless wedding suits in Los Angeles, here are a few factors you should consider to help you find the perfect outfit for your summer ceremony.

Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

The fabric is one of the most important things you should look at when choosing your outfit. A popular option is choosing a suit made from linen. This is an extremely light fabric, however, it does wrinkle easily. You will want to be very careful in what you do and how you wear it before the big ceremony. Additionally, cotton is a popular fabric, but it isn’t as sharp and as classy as other options. Wool is one of the most common fabrics for men’s formal wear, and while it allows for plenty of breathability and helps reduce sweating, it may still be too hot for a California summer.


The summer allows for bright and bold color choices. If you don’t want a very classic look, look for attire with bright colors. Khakis, light blues, and light grays are all excellent options. If you have the right personality and style, you may even choose options with patterns such as stripes or plaids. However, keep in mind that you also want a tie that adds to the overall look and showcases your personality. You may want your tie to match your ceremony’s colors and if so, you want to make sure the colors you wear does not clash.


Regardless of the summer months, you still want to ensure the outfit fits your body and is sized properly. For example, if you desire a tighter fit but have a larger frame, you may want to stay away from slim fit attire. However, if you desire that tight fit look, make sure your pants aren’t too baggy and your pants break is where it needs to be. If purchasing your clothing, work with a tailor to make sure it fits well, is sized correctly, and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and it is important that you dress accordingly. By choosing the right summer suit, you’ll be comfortable, trendy, and stylish.


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3 Tips to Wearing Your Wedding Tuxedo

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life. You want every detail — both big and small — perfect. What you wear and how you look is one detail that everyone pays attention to. And while the bride’s dress may be the center of the show, how the groom looks is just as important. A tuxedo is a piece of formal evening wear that makes you look sharp, clean, and striking. Instead of purchasing your own outfit for the event, a tuxedo rental in Los Angeles can save you substantial money and still ensure you look great. However, you must make sure you wear the outfit correctly. Here are three tips to wearing your wedding outfit.

  1. Choose Your Jacket Wisely

The jacket is the piece of your outfit that truly stands out. It is the piece that holds the entire outfit together. There are different types of jackets available, allowing you to utilize your own personality into the formal wear. First, is the number of buttons. You must determine if you’d like a single-breasted or double-breasted jacket. Second, you must determine the type of lapel you would like on the jacket. The lapel can vary with some pieces boasting a very sharp and peaked design. Others have a softer collar that almost swoops around the neck.

  1. The Pants Must Match

If visiting a men’s formal wear store, you will most likely be given pants that match your jacket. However, if you have options, make sure the pants and the jacket are similar. You want the pants to be made from the same material and have the same design as the jacket. The pants should also be very basic. You don’t want anything on the pants that take away from the look and the focus of the jacket.

  1. Vest vs. Cummerbund

With this type of formal wear, you will typically be given the choice of a vest or a cummerbund. Each has its pros and cons and really depends on the preference of the groom. If you choose the vest, it needs to match the jacket and the pants well. It can’t be overbearing and should be very simple. It should also be tight-fighting, yet comfortable enough that you can move freely while wearing it. A cummerbund is an excellent option if you want to add a different look to your outfit. You can choose a cummerbund with a unique color, which can spruce up your outfit. However, be careful with your color choice. If you don’t have a bold personality, you may not like a bold and bright color.

By knowing how to properly wear a tuxedo, you will look back at your wedding photos with a smile on your face.


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4 Things You Must Know When Renting a Slim Fit Suit

Renting your formal wear for your wedding day has many benefits. Not only can you save a substantial amount of money, you can still look great and there are numerous options available. For grooms who desire a slim fit suit for their wedding day, they may be nervous that many options aren’t available. Luckily, numerous slim fit suit rentals are available for grooms in Los Angeles. For grooms who desire this look, here are four things you need to know before you hit the stores.

  1. Understand the Difference Between Regular and Slim Fit Options

If you truly desire a slim fit, make sure you understand the difference between the slim fit and regular options. Slim fit is ideal for bodies that are very lean. These options are much tighter and feature a more narrow cut. Regular options are more tapered and are better if you have a larger frame.

  1. Consider Your Wedding Day Activities

As you choose the right clothing option for your wedding day, you need to know what type of activities you have planned while wearing the outfit. For example, if you have a night full of dancing, you need to determine if you will wear your jacket and if the slim fit option will limit your movements. If you are only planning on wearing the jacket during the wedding dinner and ceremony, a tighter fit may not be an issue.

  1. Know What Type of Material You Desire

Slim fit options can come in a variety of materials and each option offers a variety of benefits. You will find many wool options, which are more breathable. Cotton options are also popular, but you must take care that your outfit doesn’t become wrinkled right before the ceremony.

  1. Show Off Your Personality with the Tie

Let the tie showcase your personality. Find a tie that matches your wedding colors and add patterns and prints to help your outfit stand out from the others. If you want to add even more to your outfit, choose a bowtie instead of a standard tie. Or, if you want to stick with a standard tie, choose a skinny tie to match your slim fit suit. You have lots of options to make your wedding day attire truly stand out.

When renting your wedding day outfit, know what you want before you step foot in the store. By being prepared and doing your own research, you can look your best with little effort and frustration. And when you look back on your wedding day photos, you’ll be pleased with your outfit choice and your dashing good looks.


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4 Tips for Renting Your Wedding Day Suit

On your wedding day, you want to look your best. However, the cost of all the other wedding day details such as the location, invitations, flowers, and food can leave the budget a little tight. Renting your wedding day suit is an excellent way to maintain your budget, yet still look as dashing and handsome as you desire. Here are four tips for renting that perfect wedding day suit.

  1. Know the Styles

There are many options when it comes to finding the perfect wedding day suit. You can choose from one of many three-piece suits or sports jackets in a Los Angeles men’s formal wear store. Do your research to determine what styles you like and what you do not. That way, when you enter the rental store, you know exactly what you are looking for and you don’t waste your time going through options that you know won’t make you feel your best.

  1. Be Particular about Your Sizing

When renting, you may have fewer options when it comes to finding the best fitting suit available. After you decide exactly what style of suit, materials, and design you want, pay special attention to the sizing and the fit of the suit. Don’t settle on just any suit. Stay away from the option if it doesn’t fit you well, is too baggy, and just doesn’t look very sharp. If you settle, you won’t feel confident on your wedding day.

  1. Make Sure You Have a Pants Break

In addition to making sure your suit fits well, pay attention to the pants break. You don’t want a suit that is too long and the bottom of the pants are wrinkled and lay on the shoe. Instead, you want a break between the hem of the pants and the shoe. The size of the break depends on your own preference but the pant break will make the suit look like it is designed for you, instead of simply being a rental.

  1. Don’t Be Too Stingy

While you may be renting a suit to save a little money, you don’t want to choose the cheapest option available. In many instances, the cheaper options to rent are usually older and more outdated. While those options may work for an all-day business meeting, you want to look your best on your wedding so make sure you rent a suit that is high-quality and current with the latest styles and trends.

There are many options when it comes to renting your wedding day suit. You can save yourself a little money and still look great by taking the time to research your options and finding a suit that looks great, fits well, and makes you confident.


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Quick Tips for the Ultimate Men’s Homecoming Outfit

When you head to your homecoming dance, you want to make sure that you look your best and one of the biggest parts of this is having the perfect prom suit or tux. When looking at suits, Los Angeles teens should not be afraid to get creative. Since this is a special event, you want to make sure that you are comfortable and that you look your best. Following a few tips, you will be the best dressed at the ball.

Wear a T-Shirt

This is a more daring look that is sure to make you stand out and in a good way. This look is casual, but still formal enough to please your date. A good way to do this look is to choose a dark, charcoal gray tux or suit that is pinstriped with the pins just being a shade lighter than the tux color. Then, wear a plain black T-shirt underneath the jacket. A V-neck works best for this look. You should button at least one button on the sports jacket, and preferably the top one.

Go Plaid

A plaid tux or suit in which the colors closely match is hot right now. For example, a muted dark blue and dark gray plaid. Under this, you should wear a white shirt with the top button or two undone. This is a very casual, yet sophisticated look that will have all of the girls wishing that you asked them to the dance.

Black with Sheen

Matte black can still be worn, but for a truly sophisticated and eye-catching look go for a tux or suit that has some sheen to it. You want to wear black shoes, pants and a jacket, all of which should shine a bit. However, make sure that the sheen is in different areas and not covering the entirety of your jacket or pants. Your shirt should be white and to really spice things up, go for a bow tie over a traditional tie.

Go Dark and Faux

Instead of a traditional boutonniere, go for something a bit more edgy. Regardless of the color of your tux or suit, you will be able to pull this off. Find a faux flower that works well with the style you are looking to achieve and make it a black one. No one thinks about black flowers being good for homecoming, but they definitely work, and you will probably be the only guy wearing one, making you stand out above the other guys in the room.

You can see that when it comes to suits in Los Angeles for homecoming, it is not hard to get creative. Remember that while you want to look amazing, a comfortable fit is equally important.


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Getting the Perfect Tuxedo for Homecoming

Homecoming is a very special night where you want everything to be just right. This includes the tux rental that you choose. You want a style that fits you well and will impress your date. There are a few simple guidelines that will help you choose the tux that will work best for this special night. With tuxedos and designer suits, Los Angeles teens who make the right choice are sure to impress their date.

Getting a Fitting

Making sure the tux fits right is incredibly important. The last thing you want is for your pants for a be too short or your sleeves not long to cover your full lower arm. This will just look bad and will surely kill your confidence. A tuxedo should fit perfectly. Leave your baggy clothes at home for this one night. To get a good and accurate fitting, you want to head to a tailor or a well-known men’s clothing store. These places will have someone there that can accurately get you fitted.

Choosing a Style

Traditionally black with a white shirt is the norm. But, this is your night and you can get a bit creative if you would like. As long as you like the color and feel confident in the ensemble then this is all that matters. You may wish to match your date, for example. This could mean something as simple as choosing a shirt that matches her dress or a bowtie that matches her dress while still wearing a white shirt. The options are endless and really up to you.

A popular trend being seen at homecoming dances is the guy wearing a full white tux with a shirt that matches the dress that their date is wearing. This is interesting and young men can almost always pull it off flawlessly.

You should keep the shirt simple. Pleats and ruffles are going to make you too warm as you are dancing the night away. And, since this is homecoming and you are not heading to the White House for a dinner, you can take your jacket off, so you want to be sure that you really like the shirt because with no jacket it is fully exposed.

Your Shoes

A few celebrity men can get away with tennis shoes with their tuxedo, but this is not something that you should try. Dress shoes can be uncomfortable so be sure to try on many different styles before committing to a pair. Remember that you will be on your feet a lot, so you want a shoe that both complements your tux and keeps your comfortable.

You can see that finding the right tuxedos and designer suits in Los Angeles for homecoming is relatively simple. Do not be afraid to be unique, but ensure that you are comfortable too.