Essential Rules for Selecting Suits for a Wedding

Weddings are no longer just about the bride; they are also about the groom and his personal style. When a groom searches for wedding suits in Los Angeles, it is important that he understand the ground rules that go into finding the right style of suit that matches his wedding as well as his budget.

Focus on Lapel Width

Over the past few years, the style of cut has grown narrower for men, which creates a high-level, couture look for men. The lapel width comes in a ready-to-wear style and can be tailored to the man’s body as well. It provides a more fashionable look than the traditional suit, but still offers timeless elegance a man needs for his wedding.

Use of Pocket Squares

Pocket squares have come back over the past few years. Instead of the plain block colors of the past, men are now using patterns and textured fabrics to add personality to their suits. This also helps the groom tie in his suit to the wedding colors, without solely relying on a vest or tie to do the job.

Functionality and Style

When looking at wedding suits in Los Angeles, a man must consider the functionality as well as the style of the suit. While a suit may look fashionable or meet the exact needs of the wedding, it may no longer serve a function after the wedding is over. It is best if a man can find a multipurpose suit that he can use later for attending another function.

If the suit cannot be used another time, then it is best for the man to rent the suit instead of purchase it. That way he is not spending hundreds on wedding suits for a Los Angeles wedding that he will never use again.

Getting the Right Fit on the Shoulders

A suit can look cumbersome if the shoulders do not fit right. The way the suit should be cut is so that the shoulders fit the body. For the formal suit and wedding suit, the man should have it slightly wider for comfort and movement.

Branching Out on Colors

Wedding suits no longer must be black or white. In fact, a growing trend in men’s wedding suits is the use of vintage colors and styles. These feature textured fabrics and earth tones that are subtle, but still elegant and refined. A man can still stick to the classic shades of black, navy, gray and white too. However, he should ensure the color of the suit matches his natural skin tone.

Width of the Belt

One area that men tend to forget when picking out their suits is the width of the belt. A man with a narrow belt is going for a more stylish, modern look. Larger straps are simple, and traditional, but are quickly going out of style.


Some men forget that they will be in their wedding suit for a vast majority of the day; therefore, it must be comfortable, but also look great even if it is unbuttoned during the reception.

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