Just like women, men come in all different shapes and sizes, making dressing themselves for a special occasion somewhat challenging. However, with the proper help, a man can be united with the fit of their dreams, thus making suit shopping angst a thing of the past.


Skinny — The Slim Fit


Men who are particularly skinny can sometimes have to tailor in their suits in order to make them look proportional to their bodies. For this reason, buying suits and having them tailored can be a lot better for them than trying to rent a suit from a store. While the slim fit is made to hug a man’s natural shape, there are some men who prefer to have their jackets roped around the shoulder, as this can add some extra bulk to the area, making them appear more muscular. Also, men who are of the skinny variety can benefit from wearing patterned suits, as it can make them look larger.


Muscle Types — The V Shape


Chances are, if a man spends most of their time at the gym and has managed to build up quite a lot of muscle, it can end up being quite challenging for him to find the ideal suit rental in Los Angeles. Men who are considered to be muscle types are often called “V Shapes” by their tailors, and this is because their upper bodies are typically going to be wider than their legs are. What a V Shape entails is that the jacket of the suit is going to be larger around the shoulders while the waist of the pants is going to be slightly taken in. Finding a V Shape suit in a suit rental store in Los Angeles sometimes isn’t easy, but as more and more men are becoming V Shaped, tailors are ordering more of these fits to their stores.


Big and Tall — The Rugby Shape


Any man over 6 feet tall is going to have their challenges when finding a suit, especially when they are of the Rugby Shape. What the Rugby shape entails is that the man in question is going to be big boned, making detailed suits an unnecessary commodity. In fact, someone who is considered to be big and tall should stay away from suits with patch pockets and patterns. Instead, they should seek suit jackets that only have one or two buttons and neatly cut trousers. Balancing both the upper and lower half of the body is also something of great importance, and choosing baggy suit pants to do this definitely isn’t the right choice. Rather, men of this variety should invest in a simple jacket and pair it up with nicely fitted trousers.