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Tux Rentals

Tuxedo Rentals

Tuxedo rentals and suit rentals are a great way to save. Most customers save an average of $50 compared to purchasing an entire outfit. The savings increase for groups with Special Offer Rent 5 and get the 6th rental of equal or lesser value FREE*. Tux rentals start at just $69.90*. Color matching shirts, ties or bowties, and vests come included for our premium rental packages priced $89.90* up to $149.90*. *Tax and refundable deposit required.

The Warehouse Suit Sale Rentals Process

How does the rental process work?

  • Step 1: Make your tuxedo rental or suit rental selections at the store at least 2 weeks in advance. This includes fit, color, style, and price.
  • Step 2: Pick up and try on your rental 2 business days before your event. We highly recommend you try on the complete outfit in store. If you need any changes to the sleeve or pant length, our tailors will be happy to make adjustments on the spot between 11am-6pm.
  • Step 3: Return your rental within 2 days of your event. Let a rental associate know of any issues with the steps above and we’ll be happy to address your concerns.

Do you guys do tuxedo and suit rentals?

Yes, tuxedo and suit rentals are available for men and boys. Rentals are a great option to look great without paying to purchase an outfit for that lavish occasion where you know you will only be wearing that outfit once for the foreseeable future. For wedding groups, rentals are a great option if you want the entire party to wear the exact same outfit including your ring boy. They are also great if there are any larger size gentlemen in your group.

What is the minimum time required to book a rental?

Although we can produce rentals with a minimum 2 day notice, we recommend a 2 week leadtime to allow adequate time for alterations. For prom and wedding season from February thru June we recommend a 3 week leadtime to avoid stock-outs.

Boy Suits

We also have the styles you want at prices you’ll love for your boy. Boy’s suits can be purchased starting at just $49.99 for purchase. Boy tuxedo and suit rentals include the tuxedo or suit, tuxedo shirt or dress shirt, tie or bowtie, and vest – all starting at just $69.99*. Sizes range from 2T up to 22 Husky.